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Haleem Recipe; Delicious Persian Wheat and Meat Porridge

Haleem (A type of porridge) is one of the most delicious foods that are in great demand during Ramadan because it is a delicious iftar meal. This delicacy is often served for breakfast. You can prepare this dish in different recipes, but the most common way to prepare Haleem is to make it with wheat and meat. Red meat, especially mutton or turkey, is preferably used to make Persian mutton Haleem, but sometimes some people also prepare it with chicken, which is relatively less palatable.

haleem recipe

How to Make Haleem?


  • 300 grams peeled wheat 
  • 200 grams mutton 
  • 1 large onion 
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric 
  • Sugar and oil as needed
  • Salt and cinnamon as needed


Step One

To prepare a delicious Haleem, first, pour the peeled wheat into a large bowl, pour water over the surface of the wheat, and let it soak overnight. Then rinse the soaked wheat and pour it into a pot for cooking.

cooking wheat for haleem

Step Two

Then add 6 glasses of water to the wheat and put the pot on low heat to cook the wheat over time. When the water boils, stir it continuously every 5 minutes so that it does not baked-on.

wheat in halim

Step Three

Now, place the meat in another pot. Then pour water into the pot (the amount of water should cover the meat.) Now, peel and wash the onion, cut it in half, add it to the meat to get the bad smell, and sprinkle a little turmeric on it.

cooking red meat with onion

Step Four

Now, put the pot on medium heat and put the lid on it until the meat is thoroughly cooked. When the meat is cooked well, strain it, set it aside and let the meat cool down. Then, tenderize the meat well.  Stir the wheat at the same time to make sure it doesn’t baked-on.

tenderize meat

Step Five 

When the meat is cooled down, shred it. If the wheat is completely cooked, add the shredded meat to it, add a little salt and continue stirring constantly. Add one tablespoon of oil to the ingredients and stir the ingredients continuously on medium heat.

how to cook haleem

Step Six

Now, we put the Haleem on medium heat because we want the excess water to evaporate (be careful not all the water of the Halim should evaporate because it becomes harder when the haleem cools) to make the haleem thicker. Now, remove the thickened porridge from the heat and set it aside until it cools down slightly. 

How to Serve Persian Mutton Haleem?

Pour the Haleem into a dish and decorate it with sugar and cinnamon. You can also pour a little oil over it and serve it with fresh bread.

halim recipe

Key Points for Making more Delicious Haleem

Persian Porridge has high properties due to its wheat and meat; Wheat in Haleem is a source of zinc, iron, magnesium, and niacin. It is also effective in treating many gastrointestinal diseases. 

Reduce the Cooking Time

You can use wheat groats to reduce cooking time at home. 

Sugar or Salt? 

The use of sugar or salt is entirely optional, and you can use both to serve Persian mutton Haleem depending on their taste. 

Pour Wheat into the Food Processor

Use a food processor or blender to make the wheat perfectly smooth. 

Haleem Stretching

  • The more you tenderize Haleem, the more it will stretch. 
  • To prepare a delicious homemade Persian mutton haleem, fresh mutton ribs with bones and the head and breast meat are excellent, and when they are tenderized, it makes the Halim stretch. 
  • Do not chop the lean meat because it will shorten the strings and prevent the Haleem from stretching. 

Add Milk to the Haleem Ingredients

Adding milk to Haleem makes it more delicious. When the Porridge is ready, you can add some milk to it while the pot is still on the heat and continue stirring. 

Add Cinnamon

During cooking, you can add a piece of cinnamon to the ingredients and remove it after cooking. 

Haleem’s Appearance

The longer Haleem stays on the flame and cooks for several hours on low heat, the tastier it becomes and the more beautiful it looks when served.

Halim with Sesame 

Adding sesame to this porridge makes it nourishing and tastier. To prepare Haleem with sesame, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw sesame seeds to Halim and mix well after it is completely cooked.

Haleem with Unpeeled Wheat

If we want to use whole skinned wheat to prepare wheat, we have to spend more time preparing this food. The cooking method is the same; only when the wheat is fully cooked and glazed should we flatten it to separate the wheat husks.

Suitable Bread for Haleem 

Halim can be served with various traditional Iranian bread such as Sangak, Barbari, Lavash, or Taftoon. If you want to serve your dish with the best bread, we recommend fresh Barbari bread

Additional Notes about Haleem

  • The preparation time for making this dish is about 4 hours. 
  • Halim can be served for breakfast, snacks, and appetizers. It can also be eaten as iftar during Ramadan. 
  • Note that the amount of Ingredients is suitable for 6 people.

Do not forget to make this recipe and share it with us. If you also have any related questions about the Haleem recipe, please do not hesitate to ask.

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