shayan massah

I am Shayan, a 22-year-old cooking enthusiast who is interested in trying new foods. I come from Iran, the land of tasty dishes and countless unique desserts. It was not that much unlikely for me to fall in love with foods! Especially when having a mom with heavenly cooking. But some other issues excite me, and the most important one is digital marketing. I have a background in web development and SEO with the perspective of digital marketing. All this made me think, why not combine my food interests with digital marketing experiences, and the result is Cooking County.

Why should you follow Cooking county?

In Cooking County, I try to introduce different foods of my country to you, including starters, main courses, and desserts. You will find a dozen recipes here so that you always have a good answer to this common question of “what should I cook today?” You can read the story behind each dish, feel the atmosphere of different cities and empathize with people you have never met. The good news is that Cooking County is not limited to Persian food, and we are going to start a journey around the world with each other through fantastic flavors and fragrances.

My team

A group helps me with this delicious journey, and the most influential member is the sweetest mom in the world. Everyone loves what their mom cooks, and I am not an exception. So I found her the most suitable person to teach me how to cook. My mom has worked in a completely different field. She is not considered a professional chef, officially. But just like any other Persian mom, I consider her a professional chef, as his son! We cook the food related to each blog post together, and she gives me a lot of information about them. I find her advice and participation so helpful in every decision in my life. Because of that, Cooking County must reach successful results because my mom is by my side!

You can contact me via contact form or [email protected]. I will be happy and answer you as soon as possible.