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Persian shivid polo

Persian Dill Rice Recipe; Make Shivid Polo in 5 Steps

Persian dill rice (Shivid Polo) is a type of Iranian pilaf served at gatherings and parties along with fish, chicken, and meat. Dill pilaf is so flavorful and delicious that is popular even in its simple form, especially if you prepare it with fresh dill. Stay with Cooking County to learn how to cook this convenient meal.

Persian dill rice

Persian Dill Rice ingredients

Rice500 gr
Fresh dill250 gr
SaltAs needed
Oil5 tablespoons
Turmeric1 teaspoon (optional)
Potatoes or lavash breadAs needed for tahdig

How to cook Shivid polo

Step One

Wash the rice several times and after adding salt, set it aside and soak it. In the meantime, clean the dill and wash it three times to remove all the dirt. Put the washed dills in a colander to completely remove the excess water.

When cleaning the dills, do not throw away the fresh and soft stems because the properties of dill are also in its stems. After the dills are drained, chop them. Do not chop the dill too coarsely or grind it too much.

Step Two

Pour half of the water into a pot and put it on heat until it reaches the boiling point. Pour the rice into the pot and wait for the rice to boil. You can put a little turmeric into the rice water at this stage to make the dill pilaf more colorful. When the rice is half cooked, drain it.

rice for shivid polo

Step Three

Pour the rice into a colander and cover it with cold water. Be careful if the basket you use to drain the rice is smaller than the size of the rice; your rice will be mushy.

Do not use a spatula to flip the rice because, at this stage, hitting the rice with a spatula will break the rice. At the same time as pouring cold water on the rice, stir the rice by raising and lowering the colander so that the rice does not stick together.

Step Four

Pour the oil on the bottom of the pot and then put lavash bread or potatoes in it. Mix the chopped dill with the rice in a colander and pour it into the pot using a spatula. Put the pot on low heat and cover it.

dill rice

Step Five

It takes an hour for your pilaf to brew completely. After steaming dill rice, you can put it in a suitable container and decorate it with saffron. You can serve dill rice as Baghali polo ba mahicheh and Sabzi polo ba Mahi.

Key Points for Making Persian Dill Rice

  • It is better to use Iranian rice to prepare authentic Iranian rice.
  • If you want fragrant pilaf dill, it is better to use fresh dill, but if you don’t have fresh dill available, you can also use dried dill.
  • Never put dill in rice water. Because this will ruin the color of your pilaf, and a lot of dills will be washed away when draining the rice.
  • If you put a little melted butter on the dill in the last stages of steaming the dill, your pilaf will have a unique flavor.
  • Adding turmeric to rice is to give it a nice color.
  • You can remove turmeric from the ingredients if you want your rice to remain white.
shivid polo

Properties of Shivid Polo

  • Dill is one of the special vegetables recommended in traditional medicine to treat many problems and diseases.
  • Dill is an excellent source of calcium, and its use helps to prevent bone loss and decrease bone density by providing part of the calcium needed by the body.
  • The flavonoid and vitamin B family present in dill increases happiness and vitality and helps to relieve insomnia and lack of sleep.
  • According to research, consumption of dill by people with type 2 diabetes causes a decrease in blood sugar.
  • Dill is one of the traditional medicines to cure anorexia and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Dill is known as one of the antimicrobial drugs that destroy microbial infections. It is very effective in strengthening the body’s immune system.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of dill have led to the use of dill extract in anti-inflammatory and arthritis medicines.
  • In addition to lowering blood sugar, dill also lowers blood pressure.

Do not forget to make this recipe and share it with us. Please do not hesitate to ask if you also have any related questions about the Persian dill rice recipe.

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