Persian fava beans recipe

Persian Fava Beans (Broad Beans) Recipe | Baghali Pokhteh

Baghali Pokhte, or cooked Persian fava beans (broad beans), is one of the most popular snacks in winter and spring. It is mostly served with salt, vinegar, and Golpar (Persian hogwort or ground Angelica). Baghali is nostalgic for many Iranians because of people who sell fava beans on a cart in the street in winter. Moreover, the fava bean is used in Persian foods such as Baghali polo or some types of Dolmeh.

cooked iranian broad beans recipe

Fava beans ingredient

Fava beans (Baghali)500 grams or 1 lb.
SaltTo taste
VinegarTo taste
Golpar powderTo taste

Fava beans recipe

  1. There are two ways to cook fava beans; one of them is with its waxy outer coating, and the other one is to remove the pods.
  2. Wash and drain the beans completely.
  3. Then, place them in a pot and pour water into it until cover the beans.
  4. Cook them uncovered on low heat for about 30 minutes. Remove the foam from the broad beans.
  5. Let them cook till the beans are soft. If it is not soft enough, let it cook more.
  6. Finally, drain the beans, and our delicious Bahghali is ready to serve!

How to serve Baghali Pokhte?

baghali pokhteh

To serve, shell the beans. Then, sprinkle salt and Golpar, and pour a little vinegar on them. Golpar is used to prevent bloating from eating beans. Also, you can squeeze lemon or sprinkle red pepper and sumac on them. Enjoy the creamy and soft beans inside!

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