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Persian Drinks; Top 11 Delicious Iranian Drinks You should Try

Despite the incredible variety of food in Iran, many people travel to the country to taste different flavors. In addition, the existence of a variety of authentic Iranian drinks that are used in different seasons of the year has attracted the attention of the Iranian people and foreign tourists. In the past, there were pantries for serving hot and cold drinks. Some of these drinks have medicinal properties and positively affect people’s health. So, stay with me to introduce some of the best Persian drinks in this blog.

Original Persian Drinks and Their Attributes

Several famous drinks in Iran are served in different seasons. In this article, we try to introduce some of these drinks:

Sekanjabin Syrup

sekanjebin recipe

This syrup, which has a wonderful composition, has been used since ancient times. Ingredients for its preparation are water, vinegar, sugar or honey, and mint extract. Sometimes this syrup is served with lettuce, which is a great combination.

Sekanjabin syrup attributes: This syrup has a warm nature and is used to quench thirst, regulate body temperature, and cleanse the liver and bile.

Sekanjebin Recipe; Persian Mint and Vinegar Syrup

Chia Seed Juice

chia seed syrup

It is one of the original Iranian drinks that has many attributes. This juice is widely used on hot summer days and during the holy month of Ramadan due to its thirst-quenching properties. 

Chia seed juice attributes: The black seeds used to make this juice contain fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats. To preserve the attributes of these seeds, we suggest you soak them in water and avoid consuming them raw. Chia seed is helpful for weight loss, lowering body temperature, controlling blood sugar levels, relieving constipation, treating heartburn, relieving cough, and helping skin and hair health.

Citrus Aurantium Juice

Citrus Aurantium Juice

This juice, known for its fragrant aroma, has soothing properties. 

Citrus Aurantium Juice attributes: This drink effectively reduces stress, treats insomnia, and relieves migraines and headaches by affecting the nervous system. In addition, it is recommended to strengthen the stomach, strengthen the immune system and heart health, and have clear and radiant skin. 

Rosewater Syrup

rosewater syrup

Since rosewater syrup in traditional medicine has been suggested, it is one of the most consumed and original Iranian drinks. This syrup is used alone and in combination with other essences. 

Rosewater syrup attributes: The antioxidants in rosewater effectively relieve the central nervous system. Also, this syrup has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to rejuvenate the skin. In addition, healing wounds and brain function and treating headaches and constipation are other attributes of rosewater juice.

Saffron Syrup

Saffron Syrup

This syrup, one of the original Iranian drinks, has a unique aroma and taste. Saffron syrup is used to reduce stress with its stimulating properties. 

Saffron syrup attributes: Saffron has many attributes with various essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E, and B, and minerals. Drinking this syrup works wonders for stressful people. In addition, it has anti-depressant properties, prevents anemia, strengthens bones, reduces bloating, and treats constipation.


persian Lemonade

This widely used syrup, which is used to quench thirst on hot summer days, is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin is very effective in fighting coronary heart disease. 

Lemon juice attributes: It is a powerful antioxidant used to strengthen the immune system. Since lemon is rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and fiber, it effectively improves the digestive process. Other benefits of lemon juice include rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles, helping to lose weight, reducing inflammation, and reducing viral infections.

Iranian Tea

Persian tea

Drinking Iranian tea enjoys you on cold days of the year. Black tea is one of the most popular types of tea. However, many Iranians in the past brewed aromatic mountain herbs and replaced them with black tea. Cherry tea, thyme tea, cinnamon tea, and chamomile are the most popular. These herbal teas do not contain caffeine compared to black tea and are rich in antioxidants. Our suggestion is to reduce the consumption of black tea or drink it lightly.

Borage Tea (Gol Gav Zaban)

Borage Tea Gol Gav Zaban

Borage tea is one of the popular drinks that have soothing attributes. This Iranian drink is recommended for people who are busy-minded. 

Borage tea attributes: It is commonly prescribed in traditional medicine for people prone to neurological diseases or depression. It should be noted that borage contains alkaloids and is therefore dangerous for pregnant women.

Musk Willow Syrup

Musk Willow Syrup

Musk willow syrup has a unique and, at the same time, rich aroma. The syrup is one of the original Iranian drinks with a delicious taste. This drink is one of the traditional and popular drinks in Shiraz. 

Musk willow Syrup attributes: This syrup strengthens the digestive system and increases appetite. According to the recommendations of traditional medicine, musk willow syrup can be effective in treating diarrhea. If this syrup is prepared without artificial sweeteners such as sugar, it is used to treat high blood sugar. It also strengthens the heart, calms the nerves, relieves headaches, and cleanses the gallbladder.

Persian Yogurt Drink (Doogh)

Persian Yogurt Drink Doogh

Doogh is one of the old Iranian drinks served with different meals. This drink has simple ingredients, but it has a great sour taste and unique properties. Doogh is a healthy dairy product that Iranians welcome to quench their thirst. In the composition of doogh, you can use a variety of aromatic plants and diversify their taste and medicinal properties. In the past, this drink was traditionally prepared at home. This preparation method is time-consuming and can not be stored for several days. Fortunately, quality doogh is produced industrially in standard conditions and is available in the market.

Coffee in the Southern Regions of Iran 

persian coffee

Whenever we talk about coffee, most people think that its origin goes back only to European countries such as France, while coffee is one of the original drinks in the cities of southern Iran. Coffees made in Iran and related to cities like Khuzestan are prepared and served similar to Arabic coffees. Coffee beans have not been grown in Iran for a long time and are imported, but in Iran, they are prepared very thick and served in traditional ceremonies in different parts of Iran.

Since Iran is a country of four seasons, different plants grow in different seasons of the year. In each of the country’s cities, various plants can be used to prepare syrups and teas.

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