persian doogh drink

Doogh drink recipe, a Persian yogurt beverage

Doogh is a traditional Persian yogurt-based drink, highly popular in different cities of Iran. This refreshing beverage is a little bit salty, somehow fizzy, and usually flavored with herbs such as mint, rose, etc. In Iran, Doogh drink can be found in almost every supermarket and is served in restaurants along with different Persian meals, such as Kabab Koobideh, Joojeh Kabab, and tahchin to balance the meals flavors. Aside from Iran, doogh is served in some Middle Eastern countries too and is known as Ayran in some regions. Doogh is also similar in components to the salty Indian Lassi drink.

doogh Iranian drink

Originally, this beverage was made of highly fermented yogurt, which causes doogh to have a natural, moderate fizz. This is the reason why Persian yogurt drink is tangy and can even be called yogurt soda. Thus, some non-Persians do not like to try it as they think that sparkling mineral water cannot accompany yogurt. This is one of the biggest mistakes in history! I strongly recommend you to follow this blog and make a glass of doogh drink for yourself. You will be sure that you have found something to cool yourself down in hot summer days or wash down a big Persian meal!

Doogh drink Ingredients

  • 2 cups plain whole-milk yogurt
  • ½ cup dried mint
  • 1 tbsp. dried rose petals
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 2 cups club soda or carbonated water

Persian yogurt drink recipe

If you want to know the original doogh drink recipe, we should go back hundreds of years ago. At that time, doogh was originally made by Persian nomads, and it was the by-product of butter production. Fatty milk was placed in a huge leather bag called “Mashk”. The bag was then hung and swung back and forth until butter was produced. The fermented liquid left in the bag was then drained and drunk. That was the traditional doogh we are talking about.

Persian yogurt drink

However, nowadays, Doogh drink is produced in factories, and only a few rural residents still follow the traditional doogh recipe. Furthermore, you probably do not want to spend lots of time producing doogh at home. So we introduce you the convenient homemade Doogh recipe.

  1. Blend yogurt, mint, rose petals, and salt in a blender until you get an integrated liquid. Pour the mixture into club soda and mix thoroughly with a spoon until everything is incorporated.
  2. Pour doogh in a glass and garnish it with mint leaves and fresh roses. Your tasty drink is ready. Bon appetite!


  • Do serve doogh drink chilled with Persian meals, especially the ones with rice.
  • If you enjoy the sourness and fizz of doogh Iranian drink, you can add some kefir to the yogurt to get tangier doogh.
  • Feel free to adjust the water to club soda ratio as well.
  • If you do not like the sourness of doogh, you can adjust its flavor with more herbs or even a little bit of sugar or honey. However, it will not be the traditional doogh yogurt drink anymore!

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