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Chak Chak Recipe; Make Delicious Kazakh Sweet

Chak Chak is a delicious Kazakh sweet made with noodles, honey, sugar, and butter. During national holidays in Kazakhstan, Chack Chack must be on the table. It’s a family favorite. If you are interested in making Kazakh sweets, stay with Cooking County.

chak chak recipe

How to Make Chak Chak?


  • 2 cups noodles
  • ¼ cup honey
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 200 grams butter


Step One

To prepare Chak Chak, first put 200 grams of butter in a pan. Turn on medium flame, put the pan on it, and allow the butter to heat completely.

how to make chakchak

Step Two

Put two packets in the pan and constantly stir, so the noodles do not stick together. To know when the noodles are ready, they should become golden and crispy.

Step Three

After about 5 minutes, when the noodles are crispy and golden, remove the pan from the heat and set it aside.

Kazakh noodle sweet

Step Four

Now take a pan, pour honey and sugar into it and let them dissolve entirely with each other on a gentle flame. Do this until the mixture reaches the boiling point.

Step Five

At this stage, remove the mixture from the heat and pour it into the fried noodles. Now stir the Chak Chak continuously until it is completely dissolved with the mixture of honey and sugar.

Step Six

Wash your hands and shape the Chak Chak into a ball (or any other desired shape you want).

How to Serve Chak Chak?

The check is ready. Serve it with freshly brewed tea and enjoy.

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