iraninan tea recipe

Iranian Tea Recipe; Tips for Making Persian Tea you Must not Miss

Among all the teas in the world, Iranian tea is one of the best, healthiest, and highest quality teas; One of the reasons is that in the production of most foreign teas, various chemical additives are used to increase the color, aroma, and taste of tea. But Persian tea does not contain any chemical additives, and its smell, taste, and color are completely natural. Stay with Cooking County in this article to fully learn the tricks of brewing Iranian tea.

how to brew iranian tea

How to have a Better Brewed Black Tea? 

Quality and freshwater: The water you use to brew tea should be fresh, clear, and good quality. Using water that has been boiled several times, as well as using mineral water, will not give you good tea. You can use well-purified water to brew tea. 

Porcelain teapot: The best container for brewing Persian tea is a porcelain teapot and then glass. Brewing tea in a metal or plastic teapot does not give you quality tea. 

Amount of tea used: We suggest one teaspoon of dry tea per cup, but this largely depends on your taste and the type of Persian tea you use. It is enough to brew tea several times in different amounts to reach your desired flavor. 

How long it takes to brew tea: This also depends on your taste and type of tea. Usually, after 15 to 20 minutes of brewing, the raw and specific smell of tea disappears, and its color becomes darker.

Persian tea recipe

Directions: Brewing Iranian Black Tea 

Step One

Put the water on heat until it gets to the boiling temperature. Turn it off after the water boils and let it stand for 2-3 minutes until the temperature drops slightly.

Step Two

For each glass of water, pour a teaspoon of black tea into a porcelain teapot or glass and wash it with cold water. Washing tea will eventually make it more colorful. Then place the teapot without water on the kettle for 2-3 minutes to warm the tea. 

Step Three

Add boiling water to the teapot and shake it so that the teas do not stay on the surface. Then place the teapot on the kettle for 15 minutes to brew well. 

Step Four

After steeping tea, if you want to use it for more than 30 minutes, it is better to remove the tea waste from the teapot so that your tea does not become unclear. Finally, your delicious tea is ready, and you can enjoy its unique and pleasant aroma and taste.

persian black tea

The Importance of Washing Iranian Tea Before Brewing 

Before brewing Iranian tea, it is better to wash it once with cold water. This removes the dirt and dust from the tea. It will look clearer and brighter when your tea is brewed. Usually, the presence of these particles and dust in the tea can slightly tarnish the color of the tea. Note that you should never wash the tea with boiling water because this causes the loss of the natural aroma and color of tea. Before pouring tea into the teapot, it is better first to pour a little boiling water into the teapot and drain it. In this way, the teapot’s body gets hot, and your tea brews better and faster. Another interesting point about brewing Persian tea is that you pour the dry tea into the teapot until the water of the kettle boils without adding water. This will eliminate the moisture in the tea and improve the quality of your tea.

iranian black tea

How Do We Know Our Tea is Ready?

Brewing Iranian tea is slightly different from others. As mentioned, Persian tea needs more time to brew. We need to put the tea in a suitable teapot and steam on the kettle for at least 20 minutes. Keep in mind that tea is a herbal beverage and requires a certain amount of time to brew. If the tea brews and colors so fast, it signifies that the tea is impure. Usually, the finer the tea, the sooner it is brewed, and the greater the color and the more astringent the taste. Usually, after 15 to 20 minutes of brewing, the raw and specific smell of tea disappears, and its color becomes darker. Non-brewed tea is still pale. And it doesn’t smell good. Another issue that increases the aroma of Persian tea, it is better to put a cloth or handle on the teapot.

The Difference Between the Taste of Iranian Tea and non-Iranian Tea 

First of all, you should know that the original Iranian tea has no added colors and flavors. So it needs more time to brew. On the other hand, non-Iranians are usually flavored. This is the reason why many people prefer flavored tea to Persian tea. But it is better to know that Iranian tea is more natural and healthier. On the other hand, the properties of Persian tea are not comparable to types of tea.


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If you made Persian tea using the mentioned points, do not forget to share your experience with us. If you also have any related questions about the Iranian tea recipe, please do not hesitate to ask.

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