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Khashlama Recipe; 7 Steps of Making Beef Khashlama

One of the delicious Armenian dishes is called Khashlama. This dish is suitable for people with a strong interest in meat and who like to taste the different flavors of Armenian meat dishes. The name Khashlama is taken from one of the old neighborhoods of Armenia, which means cooked meat. 

To prepare Khashlama, meat is cooked and served with potatoes, onions, and vegetables. It is good to know that this food does not have a special color and glaze, and if you are a fan of flavorful and spicy foods, it is better not to go for Khashlama. Stay with Cooking County to make this delicious stew.

khashlama recipe

How to Make Khashlama?


  • 2 kg fatty soft beef with bones 
  • 2 kg potatoes  
  • 2 pcs sweet pepper 
  • 2 tomatoes 
  • 2 medium onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 50 grams butter 
  • 2 pcs bay leaf 
  • A bunch of mixed greens (depending on your taste)
  • Salt and pepper as needed


Step One

When choosing beef, you need to take bone-in, fatty and meaty pieces that have been thoroughly washed beforehand. Now, take a pot and fill it with little water. Let the water reach boiling, and add the meat to the pot.

Step Two

While cooking the meat in the pot, add some bay leaves, pour a glass of cold water, put it on low heat and cook them for one hour.

Step Three

Now chop the ingredients of the Khashlama: mixed greens, sweet peppers, tomatoes and onion and set them aside. 

Step Four

Now, after one hour, the meat is half-cooked. We start assembling our layered Khashlama (This food is called Khashlama because it is arranged layer by layer.) 

Step Five

Put potatoes on the bottom layer because they need more time to cook.

Put the garlic in the center of the slices because it is much tastier. Then, put about 50 grams of butter on Khashlama, even though the meat was already quite fatty. Arrange the prepared vegetables on it in layers without keeping a precise sequence.

Step Six

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the ingredients, then start to arrange the meat, which will also be followed by the layers of vegetables.

Note: Do not season the meat with salt before cooking because it hardens. It is better to add salt and pepper when you want to cook the meat.

meat broth

Step Seven

Take another pot, fill 1/3 of the pot with broth, and put the lid on. Cook for about 40-50 minutes, and at the end, pass the broth through a sieve and add it to Khashlama. Broth makes the Khashlama much tastier.

How to Serve Khashlama?

Our Khashlama is all ready and waiting to be tasted. Place Khashlama in a dish, garnish it with parsley and enjoy!

Armenian beef khashlama

Note: The list of vegetables, type, amount of spices, etc., may change. Every household has its favorite recipe. But some ingredients are always respected. 

Do not forget to make this recipe and share it with us. If you also have questions about the Khashlama recipe, please do not hesitate to ask.

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