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Gaz Recipe; How to Make Persian Gaz (Pistachio Nougat)

Gaz is one of the oldest sweets and souvenirs of Iran. If you have travelled to Isfahan, you must have bought it as a souvenir. Of course, apart from Isfahan, Gaz is also a souvenir of other cities such as‌ Boroujen, Kerman, and Yazd. This sweet is usually prepared in two simple ways; with or without flour, with different types of nuts. Most of us have always bought Gaz from stores, but it can be easily prepared at home and served with a cup of Persian tea

Persian gaz recipe

How to Make Gaz?


  • 250 grams sugar 
  • 375 grams of liquid glucose
  • 5 egg whites
  • 3 to 4 teaspoons of rosewater 
  • 100 to 150 grams of pistachio, almond, or hazelnut kernels 
  • ¾ cup water
  • White flour as needed


Step One

First, fry the nuts (Pistachio or almonds) on the heat, without oil, until they are roasted and come out raw. 

pistachio and almond

Step Two

In a pot, mix the water and sugar and place on low heat to dissolve the sugar in the water. 

dissolve sugar

Step Three

Let the water simmer on the stove, but it should not reach the boiling point. 

Note: Be sure not to put the pot directly on the heat; instead, use a flame-spreader.

After the sugar dissolves, add glucose and stir well with a spatula or a wooden spoon until it thickens. 

Step Four

In the meantime, mix the egg whites with a high-speed electric mixer until they swell and double in size. Then add rosewater and stir for a few minutes. You have to be careful that the nectar does not boil while stirring. Test the nectar between two fingers to see if they are thickened.

Step Five

When the nectar is ready, pour some of it into the egg whites until they are at the same temperature, and after stirring a little, pour all the egg whites into the nectar and mix the ingredients.

Step Six

This step must be done very carefully. Mix the ingredients for 10 to 15 minutes with a mixer at high speed, and turn off the mixer several times in between. Mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon so that all the ingredients are mixed well. 

Stirring the ingredients at this step takes one and a half to 2 hours. 

Step Seven

When the material gets hardened ( it is ready when it does not spill out of the spoon), turn off the flame.

Step Eight

Now, add the roasted nuts to the Gaz and stir the mixture well. Wait for the Gaz to cool down and become lukewarm. Then shape it any way you want or shape it into the desired mold. 

Step Nine

Just make sure to sprinkle some flour inside the mold and form the Gaz in it. Keep the Gaz in the refrigerator for a day.

Isfahan Gaz recipe

How to Serve Gaz?

When Your Gaz is ready, put it in a bowl and serve it with tea.

how to make Isfahan Gaz

Do not forget to make this recipe and share it with us. If you also have any related questions about the Gaz recipe, please do not hesitate to ask.

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