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how to make persian eshkeneh

Eshkeneh Recipe; Persian Onion Soup With Fenugreek and Egg

Eshkeneh is a traditional and easy-making Persian soup. This onion soup has a variety of recipes; some people cook it without potatoes. Others, cook it with tomato or lentil. My recipe is with potato and tomato paste.

Ingredients of Eshkeneh are cheap and you can find them in every house. Therefore, 30 minutes is enough to cook Eshkeneh in one pot. Stick with me to cook this delicious and memorable soup.

Eshkeneh Ingredients for 4 People

Potato2 medium-sized
Onion1 big-sized
Tomato paste1 Tbsp
Dried fenugreek1 Tbsp
All-purpose flour2 Tbsp
Turmeric1 Tsp
Vegetable oil2 Tbsp
Salt and Black pepperTo taste

How to Cook Eshkeneh?

Follow these simple steps to cook Persian-style onion soup.

ehkeneh recipe

Step one

First of all, peel an onion then cut it into small pieces. After that, sauté onion pieces with oil in a pot till softening the onion. Then add turmeric and black pepper into the pot and, stir well.

Step two

In step two, add tomato paste to the onion and sauté it until tomato paste releases its taste and flavor. Be careful not to burn tomato paste and the onion.

Step three

Now it is time to crash dried fenugreek with your hand and add it into the pot. After that, stir the fenugreek, then add all-purpose flour gradually and stir continuously. 

Step four

Peel potatoes and cut them into small cubes, then add them into the pot, and sauté them for 3 minutes. At this stage add three cups of water to the pot, and cover the pot. Let the Eshkeneh cook till the potatoes are soft and cooked.

Step five

When the Eshkeneh ingredients are cooked, whisk eggs in a bowl, and add them to the pot. Finally, stir Eshkeneh well, and when the eggs are not raw our delicious onion soup is ready to serve! Bon appetite!

How to Serve Eshkeneh?

persian onion soup

To serve Persian onion soup, pour the soup into a bowl, then add small pieces of Sangak or Lavash bread into it. Also, you can have Persian side dishes like seer torshi (pickled garlic) or fresh herbs, and drink such as Doogh.

Notes for Persian Onion Soup

  • If you want to make Eshkeneh with lentils, soak 2 tbsp of lentils for two hours and add them with tomato paste into the pot. Besides, it needs more time to cook and you should let it cook for 40 minutes.
  • This soup is the best choice for cold weather and a suitable meal for Iftar.

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