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Persian ash anar Recipe

Ash Anar Recipe; Make Pomegranate Soup in 7 Steps

The Middle Eastern region has been known for its unique and flavorful dishes for centuries. Persian cuisine is one of the most popular and beloved in this area for its combination of spices, herbs, and vegetables that create a truly unforgettable experience. One of the most iconic dishes of this cuisine is Ash Anar, which people across the region have enjoyed for generations. Cooking County will provide readers with an easy step-by-step recipe for this traditional Persian dish

Ash Anar Recipe

What is Ash Anar?

Ash Anar (pomegranate soup) is a traditional and hearty dish from Iran. This delicious soup is made with a combination of pomegranates, herbs, and spices. The sourness of the pomegranate juice adds an interesting twist to the otherwise simple ingredients for this comforting comfort food.

This soup has a long history, as it has been mentioned in literature from ancient times. It is believed that Persian royalty enjoyed it as a special treat during their reign in the region centuries ago and many people make it as a Yalda night food. To make pomegranate soup, you will need half-grain rice, pomegranate juice, pomegranate paste, red beans, lentils, green vegetables such as chives, parsley, cilantro, and fried mint, garlic, onion, and meat broth.

How does Ash Anar taste?

The key ingredient in Persian pomegranate soup is the pomegranate sauce. It adds an unmistakable sweet-tart flavor to the dish that can’t be found in any other type of soup. The rice gives it a hearty texture, while the herbs add complexity and depth to the overall flavor profile. Additionally, this flavorful offering can be served as an appetizer or main course meal, depending on how it’s prepared.

How to Make Ash Anar?


  • 1 cup half-grain rice 
  • ½ cup red beans 
  • ½ cup Lentils 
  •  ½ cup wheat or barley groats 
  • 300 grams of green vegetables (chives, parsley, cilantro, fried mint, dill (optional), spinach (optional))
  • 5 onions 
  • 1.5 cups pomegranate juice 
  • 4 cups meat broth 
  •  2 tablespoons pomegranate paste 
  • 4 garlic cloves 
  • Salt and black pepper as needed
  • Turmeric and oil as needed


Step One

To prepare delicious Ash Anar, first pour beans, rice, and barley or wheat groats into a bowl filled with water several hours before and let them soak well. Next, wash the rice, barley or wheat groats, beans, and lentils and put them in a suitable pot.

red beans

Step Two

Add a few glasses of water to the pot and put it on the heat until the ingredients are entirely cooked and crushed. In the meantime, chop the onions, then put a suitable pan on the heat. 

Step Three

Add the onions to the pan and fry well until their excess water is drained. Next, add some oil and fry the onions well until they turn golden. Add some turmeric to the onion.

how to sauté onion

Step Four

Fry the onion a little for a few more minutes so that the onion absorbs the turmeric. Next, remove the hot onion from the pan, cut the garlic into slices, fry them well, and set aside.

Step Five

Coarsely chop the vegetables and set them aside. After the beans and rice are fully cooked, discard their water, then transfer the ingredients to a suitable and spacious pot.

chopped herbs

Step Six

Now, add the pomegranate juice to the pot along with the meat juice, pomegranate paste, green vegetables, hot onion and some salt, black pepper, and sumac, and let the soup simmer on a gentle heat. There is no need to put a lid on the pot.

Step Seven 

After the soup has settled well, add the fried garlic and let the soup boil a few more times. 

How to Serve Ash Anar?

Your Ash Anar is ready! Pour the soup into the desired dish and garnish with fried garlic, fried mint, and fried onion and serve!

pomegranate soup

Remember to make this recipe and share it with us. If you also have any related questions about the Ash Anar recipe, please do not hesitate to ask.

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